Father Mulcahy
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Father Mulcahy


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Overview… a sensitive, complex, and idealistic Jesuit priest from Philadelphia. Father Mulcahy does his very best to serve both his country and God as the sole chaplain for the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (M*A*S*H unit) in Korea. The highly intuitive, warm, and soft-spoken Father Mulcahy is genuinely interested in helping people. He wants more than anything to make the world a better place despite being thrown into horrific and tragic war-torn surroundings. It is not an easy task.

Personality… flexible, creative, and devoted to putting the needs of others above his own. In fact, Father Mulcahy’s biggest worry is that he doesn’t help enough. He may not be a doctor, stating after watching surgery, “I couldn’t eat liver for a year,” but he is very much an important part of the 4077th. He offers wounded soldiers courage, strength, and hope. He is that much-needed listening ear to all those employed at camp. Being the only chaplain for a wide range of people with belief systems that often do not mirror his own, the laidback and understanding Father Mulcahy does not criticize or point out the lax morals of others. Instead he handles each situation that crosses his plate with compassion, flexibility, and creativity. He is a regular fixture around the base – honoring the religions of others by performing their rituals, drinking and playing piano at the Officer’s Club, boxing, using his surprising black-market connections, and even participating in betting pools, raffles, and Poker games (although he does give all his winnings to the local orphanage). Father Mulcahy has more courage and strength than he realizes, often jumping in way beyond his comfort zone where others fear to tread.

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