Farmer Ted
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Farmer Ted

Sixteen Candles

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About Him

Grew Up… thinking he was a stud. Now a freshman in high school, Ted feels that he has to live up to his suave self-image.

Living… amongst his fellow geeks in high school. Ted, as a freshman, doesn’t have the social credentials that he wants. When he tries to charm attractive sophomore Samantha Baker, he gets rebuffed. Despite his optimism, he is capable of reading the signs. As he tells her: “You know, I’m getting input here that I’m reading as relatively hostile.”

Profession… student and leader of the freshman outcasts. Ted has somehow convinced his friends that he’s capable of “bagging” Samantha Baker.

Interests… girls. Despite being firmly in the geek group, Ted doesn’t give much thought to his studies. Instead, he puts all his energy into courting “fully aged sophomore meat.”

Relationship Status… single and hopeless. Ted talks a big game to his friends, but he confesses to Samantha that his image is all a façade: “This information cannot leave this room…it would devastate my reputation as a dude… I’ve never bagged a babe. I’m not a stud.”

Challenge… convincing his friends, and Samantha, that he’s a charmer. Given his dance moves and general demeanor, this won’t be easy.

Personality… relentless, enthusiastic, and optimistic. Ted doesn’t seem to care how much his courtship annoys Samantha. He keeps his head held high even if things aren’t going his way.

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