Fanny Price
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Fanny Price

Mansfield Park

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Grew Up… in Mansfield Park, the estate of her uncle, Sir Thomas. Fanny was sent to live there as a young girl because her own family was too poor to take care of her, and Fanny is immediately aware of the marked difference between her and her wealthier cousins – Tom, Maria, Edmund, and Julia. 

Living… still at Mansfield Park, though now she feels far more at home – even if she is often treated as a servant by her aunt.

Interests… horseback riding, political history, and writing. Since Fanny was a little girl, stories have been her way of escaping the dreariness of everyday life, whether the tales are based on former kings and queens or her own imagination.

Relationship Status… complicated. She’s trying to hide her feelings for her cousin Edmund, with whom she has grown up at Mansfield Park. The two are exceedingly close, sharing similar interests, opinions, and temperaments. Then things are complicated romantically when Mary and Henry Crawford arrive at Mansfield.

Challenge… existing in her world without a man by her side. Fanny does not wish to marry unless it is for love, though the difficult realities of that decision are not lost on her. She faces tough choices after being presented to society as a marriageable woman.

Personality… bookish, shy, and independent. Fanny, for all her wit and energy of spirit, hates attention and praise, often running from it if she cannot stop it quickly. As Edmund says, Fanny “has a voracious mind, one to rival any man,” and it is only when speaking of intellectual matters that Fanny sometimes speaks when it isn’t proper for her to do so. Fanny also has a strong moral conscience that she refuses to ignore, even if this gets her into trouble with her uncle Sir Thomas.

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