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Grew Up... a lab experiment. Created from human and avian DNA, Fang and his fellow "Flock" members have fully functional wings, which are a distinct advantage over walking. Being lab experiments, however, means that they were also treated like ones, and Fang has the scars – emotional and physical – to show from his time at the lab facility known as the School.

Living... in the mountains, in a secluded home with five other avian-human hybrids. Though he generally loathes scientists, Fang makes an exception for Jeb Batchelder, the man who broke them out from the School and taught them how to survive. Jeb's gone now, but the Flock's been doing O.K. without him – well, doing O.K. for a bunch of kids with wings and no parents, at any rate.

Profession... second-in-command of the Flock. The second-oldest in the Flock, Fang helps Max, their leader, and Iggy keep the three youngest kids in line. It’s a tough task for anyone, but especially so for three teenagers barely older than the kids they're watching.

Interests... blogging, keeping his family safe, and spooking people (usually Max) by creeping up on them. Mainly, though, Fang just spends a lot of his time looking dark, mysterious, and well-dressed.

Relationship Status... single, but interested in Max. Most of time he's too stoic to show it, but occasionally Fang's cool mask will crack. Like when a drugged Max accidentally confesses to him, and Fang half-sarcastically tells her, "Pick a tree. I'll carve our initials into it."

Challenge... avoiding the School and its Erasers, wolf-human henchmen set on capturing the Flock.  For the most part, they've been pretty lucky. But when a pack of Erasers descend on their formerly hidden house, it seems like the Flock's luck has run out. Now, with their youngest member kidnapped, Fang and his fellow mutants have to save Angel, evade capture, and uncover the mysteries behind their origins.

Personality... stoic and snarky, but not emotionless. With his pitch-black wings and silent demeanor, Fang can be an intimidating presence. Max describes him as, "dark and still and dangerous, like he's daring you to set him off." But Fang has a soft side, too – and if there's one thing that's sure to get the quiet 14-year-old riled up, it's threatening his friends.

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