Faith Connors

Faith Connors

    Mirror's Edge

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... with protesters. Faith, along with her twin sister Kate, grew up with parents who protested the totalitarian government. However, their father sank into alcoholism after their mother was killed in the November Riots.

Living... in the City. Faith lives in a futuristic metropolis known only as the City. Here there is no disease and no obesity, but also no freedom. The beautiful, clean, and seemingly pure exterior masks the ugly, brutal regime that controls it, violently cracking down on alternate lifestyles.

Profession... Runner. As a Runner, Faith uses her amazing parkour skills to quickly ferry top-secret information throughout the city on rooftops, so the government can’t track it or steal it. Runners live on the edge and train their eyes to seek out whatever objects they need to run or jump across to keep moving forward.

Interests... tattoos. As a relatively new Runner, Faith received a distinctive eye tattoo to celebrate her first successful run.

Relationship Status... single. Considering what they do is highly illegal, Runners avoid having attachments so they can avoid being tied down, literally and figuratively. Besides her loyalty to fellow Runners, the only emotional bond she maintains is her connection to her sister.

Challenge... proving her sister’s innocence. When Kate is framed for the death of prominent progressive politician Robert Pope, Faith vows to scour the city for evidence to exonerate her. However, she eventually runs headfirst into a much larger, more dangerous conspiracy.

Personality... rebellious. Faith has the right combination of adventurous thrill-seeking attitude and righteous passion for justice that it takes to be a free-running freedom fighter. As she says, “We exist on the edge between the gloss and the reality: the mirror’s edge.”


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