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About Him

Grew up… in Benden Weyr, on the planet Pern. His father was a Weyrleader before him, and he was raised by Manora, the Headwoman of Benden Weyr. Originally named Fallarnon, he changed his name to F’lar after he bonded with a bronze dragon, Mnementh.

Living… in Benden Weyr. Benden is the last dragon-weyr on Pern. There used to be six, but the other five mysteriously vanished, and now Benden is the last home of dragons and their riders.

Profession… dragonrider. In the old days, dragons and dragonriders fought a menace known as Thread, a spore that fell from the sky and ate through any and everything organic, including people. Dragons were the only protection that Pern had, burning Thread out of the sky before it could harm crops and animals on the ground. But Thread hasn’t fallen for many years, and most people don’t believe it will again. F’lar, however, disagrees, and he and Mnementh believe the time will come when they must fight Thread again.

Interests… finding out how to fight Thread, and predicating when it might come again. On top of that, F'lar also has ensure that dragonkind will survive – there’s only one more queen egg, and if no one bonds with it, there will be no more dragons to fight Thread when it comes again.

Relationship Status… bonded with Mnementh. He has yet to find a romantic relationship, but when Mnementh finds a dragon, the odds are high that F’lar will also find a human lover.

Challenge… saving Pern. While no one believes that Thread will come again, F’lar believes that it will, and he knows that Pern is completely unprepared. F’lar has to find a human to bond with the queen dragon, restore the dragon weyrs to their former strength, figure out how to fight Thread, and do it all in a community that doesn’t believe in him.

Personality… even-tempered and cool-headed. F’lar is a natural-born leader, and is good at analyzing situations. One of the only things that can provoke him is injustice, but when F'lar sees wrongs, he's tenacious in working to right them. 

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