Evie Zamora

Evie Zamora

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Los Angeles with her aunt Brooke. Evie’s aunt isn’t around to supervise her niece as much as she should be, leaving Evie to run wild.

Visiting… her new friend Tracy’s house. Evie has been living with Tracy for a bit longer than Tracy’s mother Melanie would like. 

Profession… student, though Evie doesn’t spend very much time in school. Thirteen-year-old Evie has found an easy way of making money: stealing. Evie likes to take the easy way out of everything. “You guys know if you drink ten glasses of ice water a day, you’ll burn three hundred calories.” 

Interests… boys, drugs and clothes. Evie will lie, cheat and steal her way into any kind of immediate pleasure. Without any supervision—and with the innocent young Tracy following in her footsteps—Evie’s mischief knows no bounds. She sings, “The itsy-bitsy spider dropped acid at the park...” 

Relationship Status… promiscuous, and proud of it. Evie enjoys giving her new friend Tracy lessons in the art of seduction. Even though she’s only thirteen, she delights in seducing older men. 

Challenge… avoid getting caught. Evie likes to make excuses for her bad behavior. She claims to have been abused by her Aunt’s boyfriend, though Tracy’s mother Melanie is suspicious of Edie’s story. 

Personality… vain, inconsiderate and rude. Evie seems to be on a quest to rebel against any authority figure. Though, growing up without a female role model has made things difficult. She’s also extremely manipulative.


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