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V for Vendetta

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Grew Up… in totalitarian Britain. As a child, Evey lost both her parents and her brother. Her parents were political activists who were black-bagged by the secret police, and her brother died from a virus that ravaged London. Evey was sent to a child reclamation camp where she was re-educated.

Living… alone in a flat in London. She is fairly well-off with a position with the official state television network. 

Visiting… V’s home, hidden somewhere underground. This is where the mysterious V introduces Evey to his world and the reality that the government has hidden with propaganda and police. V is a political activist that has been staging increasingly dramatic attacks on the government, and Evey can’t help but be interested in him.

Profession… works at the British Television Network, which is run by the fascist state. At night, she is also on her way to becoming a call girl for Gordon Dietrich, a popular talk show host.

Relationship Status… single, but she has a complicated relationship with V.

Challenge… to fight the government and gain a sense of personal strength. Having suffered the loss of her family at a young age and sent to reclamation camp, Evey is cautious and reluctant to break rules. However, she does want to be stronger so she will no longer be helpless like she was as a child, and earnestly wishes to help V.

Personality… reserved, afraid, pessimistic. Evey has learned not to speak out for fear of punishment, and because she believes herself weak. She has lost faith in the world, saying, “Every time I’ve seen this world change, it’s always been for the worst.” And yet she must have some shred of hope and courage left, because she helps V of her own free will.

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