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About Her

Grew up… with her brother, mom, and dad. Eve was a tomboy, and the odd one out in her rather laid-back family.

Living… in Brooklyn. Eve’s boyfriend just moved out, so her mother found an old acquaintance on Craigslist to be her new roommate. Now Eve is living with Hanna, a former classmate from preschool. She’s not thrilled.

Profession… jack-of-all-trades at Olly’s Organix, a grocery store in Manhattan. Olly, the owner, admits that his whole business plan is to find things that no one wants and convince them they are worth paying a lot for. As his most reliable employee, Eve is constantly the one who has to deal with crises.

Interests… her beloved bicycle, her cat, and avoiding annoying people. She never seems to have much luck with the latter. As a child, she was also really good at Supermarket Sweep, a grocery-item guessing game.

Relationship Status… single, as of recently. Eve’s boyfriend just broke up with her because he realized that they’re not together in most of the possible universes. Eve vows to never date an existentialist again. But if not him, then whom?

Challenge… finding love, finding a better job, and finding some peace of mind. Eve doesn’t like most things about her life, and most people annoy her. But she does want to make friends, find a boyfriend, and in general find some sort of success.  In order to do that, she might have to take a hard look at what she really wants, and whether she’s on the road to get it.

Personality… sarcastic, introverted, and frustrated. Eve likes things to be done in a certain way – a way that the world completely ignores. Because of that, though, she’s learned to be self-reliant. Out of all her friends, she’s the one most likely to be holding down a job and paying her rent on time. She claims that she doesn’t appreciate tomfoolery, but she still hangs out with the fools, so she might be more fun than she’s letting on.

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