Evan Treborn
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Evan Treborn

The Butterfly Effect

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About Him

Living… across the space-time continuum. Evan is currently studying in New York City. Because he is empowered with the ability to alter events in his past, Evan is also constantly traveling to alternate universes – in which he attends another college, is imprisoned, and in one reality is even paraplegic. Honestly, it is almost impossible to accurately state that Evan is living in one continuous location and time.

Profession… student and time traveler. When Evan realized that he had the capacity to travel into his younger consciousness, he essentially became a professional time traveler – continually visiting earlier points in his life to try and change his future. Interfering, however, has unintentional consequences for those around him. When his childhood sweetheart, Kayleigh, ends up with a terrible life, Evan tries to do everything in his power to change it.

Interests… learning about his father. When his father was around Evan’s age, he figured out a trick to remembering the past. Evan’s grandmother could not tell if these were real memories or merely phantoms. Since Evan’s father managed to get straight A’s without ever touching a book, he clearly had a special gift.

Relationship Status… single, but using his abilities to change this. Kayleigh was the first person that Evan ever cared about. His desire to be with her inspires him to continually travel back. While daydreaming, he imagines their potential life together: “Boom – we fall in love, get married, two kids, your keen analytical insight matched to my generous nature, kids grow old as do we, relatively stable relationships, matching burial plots, the whole bit.” Unfortunately, she does not seem ready for this kind of commitment.

Challenge… changing the past without ruining the present. Evan accidently makes his life worse through his travels, and is desperately trying to undo his actions. As he says, “When you change who people are, you destroy who they were. Who's to say you can't make things better?” Evan at times has no qualms about playing God, but can he live with the consequences?

Personality… fading and hubristic. Evan’s continuous time-traveling has created conflicting memories, making it impossible for him to separate events or realities. It is said that a person’s life is little more than the sum of his experiences. If this is true, then Evan really does not know who he is anymore.

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