Evan Roth Lawson
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Evan Roth Lawson

Royal Pains

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About Him

Living... in the Hamptons after many boring years as a CPA in Brooklyn. Now he’s crashing at the summer home of a German gazillionaire with his brother Hank.

Profession... CFO of HankMed, a concierge medical business. His brother Hank was a successful ER doctor who was fired for choosing to treat a dying teenager rather than a wealthy hospital donor. Evan brought him to the Hamptons where they started their private practice for the Hamptons elite. Hank worries about keeping everyone healthy while Evan recruits clients and manages the money.

Interests… wearing bright, colorful and snazzy summer clothes and hobnobbing with the town’s wealthy and beautiful.

Relationship Status... unsuccessfully trying to date HankMed’s physician assistant, Divya. But every time she rebuffs him there’s always a bevy of models, cougars and bikini-clad sunbathers for him to fall back on. And when they inevitably rebuff him as well, it’s right back to flirting with Divya.

Challenge... growing HankMed when there are other big players in the Hamptons concierge medicine field. He also wants to grow the business more than Hank, who knows from experience that sometimes money shouldn’t be taken into account when dealing with medicine. Hank prefers to keep the business personal, but Evan has dreams of a medical empire. It’s a constant source of tension for the Lawsons.

Personality... a schmoozer, a dreamer, and a businessman who has no qualms playing the role of the squeaky wheel. And even though that attitude sometimes clashes with the more reserved, focused nature of his brother, the two love each other and always have each other’s backs.

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