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Living… in Hollywood with her daughter, Ellen, who’s moving East soon to attend Sarah Lawrence. Eva is ambivalent about her daughter leaving and having the house to herself. It’s a chance at a new beginning, but with it comes a definite ending. At least for her daughter, it’s a happy one.

Profession… masseuse. Eva’s always been weary of the sexual overtones of her job, but now that she feels that they’re starting to fade, she misses them. The men don’t seem to get excited like they used to.

Interests… maintaining her relationship with her daughter in the lead-up to her leaving. Eva can’t imagine not knowing where her daughter is all the time. Little things bother her – like Ellen not wanting Eva at the airport. Does she have to be so independent?

Relationship Status... dating a new man, Albert. Eva has been divorced for ten years. The more time goes by, the harder it is to believe she was married to him in the first place. They were completely out of sync – sexually, as parents, and as individuals. Finding Albert gives her hope that she wasn’t the problem.

Challenge… overcoming prejudices. Her perception of Albert has been completely warped by his ex-wife – someone she’s grown quite close to. She wants to protect herself from another failed relationship, but she’s not sure if it’s fair to judge someone based on their ex’s opinions.

Personality… resilient. Eva’s been through a lot these past few years and finally feels like she’s coming out the other side. She’s even surprising herself; she doesn’t care if Albert’s flabby and middle-aged.  She herself feels flabby and middle-aged, and O.K. with it. She accepts him for who he is – something she’s not used to doing.

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