Etherline Tenenbaum
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Etherline Tenenbaum

The Royal Tenenbaums

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About Her

Overview... a renowned author and archeologist. Ethel married Royal Tenenbaum, a selfish litigator, and they raised a family. The brood includes two sons, Chas and Richie, and an adoptive daughter, Margot. Ethel devoted herself entirely to their education and they became prodigies in various fields. Now, the children all grown, they still need her emotional support and end up moving back home at the same time as Royal returns with news that he is dying of stomach cancer.

Personality… intellectual and loving yet, detached. Ethel supports her children but doesn’t exactly know how to make up for the horrible scars Royal has left on their psyches. Ethel is finally remarrying, choosing her accountant, Henry Sherman, who she hopes she can truly love, in the wake of Royal’s emotional blackmail and mental abuse.

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