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About Him

Grew Up... happy. Ethan Mars lived in domestic bliss with his wife Grace and their two sons, Jason and Shaun. Then, in 2009, the accident came.

Living... with regret. While at the mall with his older son Jason, Ethan lost track of him in the crowd. He eventually found Jason in the middle of the street and rushed to save him, but a car struck them both. The accident killed Jason and left Ethan in a coma for six months.

Profession... architect. Before the accident, Ethan worked as a successful architect. But even after his physical healing was finished, his emotional damage made it difficult to return to work.

Interests… staying indoors. As a result of his trauma, Ethan developed agoraphobia, a fear of leaving the home and of open spaces. He will also occasionally blackout. 

Relationship Status... divorced. Jason’s death put a great strain on Ethan and Grace’s marriage. He blames himself for what happened, and part of her blames him too even though she knows that’s cruel and unfair. They eventually separated and now share joint custody of Shaun, while Ethan pursues new love interests like Madison Paige.

Challenge... finding his son. When Ethan’s younger son Shaun, the only thing he has left to live for, is abducted by the mysterious Origami Killer, Ethan will go through whatever brutal trials are necessary to bring him back.        

Personality... despondent and suicidal. Ethan fell into a deep depression after Jason’s death and has yet to fully recover. If he loses Shaun too, there’s really no limit to what he might do to himself. As he says, “Everything I did, I did for love.”

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