Ethan Haas
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Ethan Haas

Masters of Sex

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About Him

Grew up… wanting a respectable life for himself. Dr. Haas is, in many ways, still growing up. He’s living out his early 20s as a bachelor, looking for the right woman to settle down with. In the meantime, Dr. Haas wants to have as much fun as possible.

Living… in St. Louis. Dr. Haas spends most of his time at Washington University’s teaching hospital, where he is under the supervision of renowned OB/GYN Dr. William Masters.

Profession… fellow at Washington University Hospital. Dr. Haas has the promise and dedication required to be a good doctor, but he just needs to make sure that he makes the right career moves. It will take some successful navigation of office politics to upgrade to a staff position when his fellowship ends.

Interests… getting acquainted with the hospital’s female staff. Dr. Haas is more than willing to exploit his charm, good looks and social position for the attention of the secretaries.

Relationship Status… single, but looking for the right woman. Dr. Haas thinks that he’s found the perfect match in the feisty and free-spirited Virginia Johnson. But ‘Ginny,’ as she’s known, isn’t beholden to the same Victorian standards of courtship and marriage as Ethan follows, so there’s a decent chance he’ll be the one who ends up getting hurt.

Challenge… making a name for himself and escaping his sometimes cold supervisor, Dr. William Masters. Dr. Masters takes a sadistic pleasure in putting the younger Dr. Haas in his place. But Ethan knows how to intimidate when he needs to, such as hinting that he’ll reveal Dr. Masters’ low sperm count to Mrs. Masters if Haas doesn’t get what he wants: “I have said nothing to your wife about why you two are struggling to conceive. Although I think you should tell her. It’s awkward. And borderline unethical for me to keep that from my patient.”

Personality… impudent, ambitious, and often immature. Dr. Haas has little patience for people who stand in his way, including the all-powerful Dr. Masters. 

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