Ethan Edwards
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Ethan Edwards

The Searchers

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Overview... former Confederate soldier in search of his niece Debbie. She was in their camp when Comanches attacked. Edwards’ family was murdered by them, including Debbie’s parents and one of her brothers. Now Ethan, along with Debbie’s adopted brother Martin, must undertake a long search to get her back. But even if he finds her, Edwards is torn between saving Debbie or killing her. If she's still alive, she's probably safe... for a while. But the Comanches may well keep her to raise as one of their own, 'til she's of an age to raise more wild killers (as Edwards sees it, anyway). It's a bitter pill to swallow, but in Edwards’ view she may be better off dead than alive.

Personality... bitter, determined, and full of hate. Edwards has a deep-seated prejudice against Indians after all these years. But he’s never one to lose his composure. He’s often spending his energy just keeping Martin’s head on his shoulders. Edwards is ruthless when it comes to his enemies, and it’s led him to a crossroads. Even if he saves his niece, will she still be his niece?

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