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Sesame Street

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About Him

Living… in the basement apartment of 123 Sesame Street, with his roommate and best friend, Bert.

Profession… none. Ernie is a jokester who spends most of his time playing games with his friends. Most notably, he plays a worldwide game of hide-and-seek with Big Bird, who often finds Ernie hiding in interesting locales across the globe.

Interests… games, jokes, and his rubber ducky. Ernie doesn’t take much seriously, often pranking his roommate Bert and making jokes during conversations. But when it comes to his rubber ducky, Ernie doesn’t mess around. The ducky is his favorite thing in the world, and he takes good care of it.

Relationship Status… single. Ernie is content to have lots of good friends to joke around with.

Challenge… living with Bert. The two of them are very different, Bert being a no-nonsense type who doesn’t understand Ernie’s jovial nature. Ernie often frustrates Bert with his pranks and jokes, but they always work through their differences. They are, after all, best friends.

Personality… silly and energetic. Ernie is known by everyone on Sesame Street for his characteristic laugh, which can be heard every day. Good-natured but naïve, Ernie occasionally makes jokes when people aren’t in the mood, though he's quick to recognize his mistakes and apologize. He’s a positive person, always amused by something that’s happening nearby. A lover of board games and puzzles, he likes a healthy competition and encourages others to play nicely. 

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