Erin Naird

Erin Naird

Space Force

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About Her

Grew Up... in Washington D.C. with her parents, Maggie and Mark Naird.

Living... a miserable life in Wild Horse, Colorado. She and her mom were uprooted from their great life in Washington so that her father can lead the government's new Space Force initiative. The move has been a disaster so far, resulting in her mom serving a prison sentence for 40 years. 

Profession... high school student and social outcast. Being the new girl at school is never easy, but it’s even harder for Erin with the bullying she endures. 

Interests... running. Erin was a cross country athlete, and she’s taken up running again. It gives her an escape from her crazy life.

Relationship status... dating Captain Yuri, an older Russian who works at Space Force. Everyone warns her that he is only getting close because of her father, but Erin likes the attention.

Challenge... desperately missing her old life back in Washington. None of the teenagers in town are interested in anything she likes to do. They just like dirt bike racing. And with her mom in prison and her father away on top secret missions, it can be quite lonely for Erin.

Personality... snarky, sullen, and genuine. Erin is an open book and tells everyone exactly what is on her mind, whether or not they want to hear it. Deep down, it is clear she cares for her family even though she doesn’t always show it.

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