Erin Bruner
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Erin Bruner

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

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About Her

Grew Up… in a small town. Her mother raised Erin alone on a schoolteacher’s salary, so they didn’t have a lot of money.

Living… alone in her apartment. It’s well furnished, as a high profile lawyer Erin is able to afford all the things she could never buy growing up.

Profession… lawyer. A junior partner at her law firm, Erin hopes to see her name gracing the door when she makes senior partner by winning her most recent court case.

Relationship Status… single. Intensely invested in her job, Erin probably hasn’t had any time to go on dates. Her fellow lawyers describe her as someone who “never stops. She even works while she drinks.”

Challenge… successfully defending Father Richard Moore in a trial. The priest is accused of causing the death of Emily Rose through negligence. The prosecution maintains that Emily Rose suffered from epileptic attacks and psychopathy and that Father Moore discouraged her from seeking medical attention, and instead focused her hopes of recovery on a successful exorcism. As Erin delves deeper into the case she starts to experience unexplainable phenomena at 3 AM every morning – the devil’s hour. What begins as a controversial case that will get Erin’s bosses to notice her soon turns into a struggle that between good and evil that will redefine Erin’s view of the world.

Personality… ambitious, sincere, and open-minded. Even though she would dearly love to have a full partnership, she decides to do what’s best for her client rather than kiss up and do what her employers want her to do. While she is a self-proclaimed agnostic, she keeps her mind open and acknowledges that there are possibilities for the supernatural.

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