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About Her

Living… in a Tokyo apartment with her friend Kimiko, who is an aspiring actress. Erika is a little older and has some experience in the field, so serves as an older-sister figure – albeit an older sister with raging cynicism.

Profession… employee of Megagamers, a comics and video games store. Before that, she was a famous idol singer. She had thousands and thousands of fans, but she inexplicably quit, vanishing from the public eye. Whatever caused her departure, it also left her jaded about the industry and people in general.

Interests… hard to say. Erika is a private person, and while she seems to enjoy video games and drinking with her friends, she rarely shows enthusiasm for anything.

Relationship Status… single. Erika thinks she’s pretty much got a handle on men, telling Kimiko, “All men are fanboys. You need to stop being so prissy and learn to benefit from it.” But it’s a pretty good bet that something happened in her past to make her think that way, since when it comes to specific relationships for Kimiko, she’s generally pretty supportive, if realistic.

Challenge… finding happiness and moving on from her past. She won’t talk about it, but something gave her a cynical outlook on life. If she’s always so negative about things, though, she won’t be able to move past her hang-ups and find some sort of satisfaction from life. Two Americans, Piro and Largo, have recently gotten themselves in her circle of friends, so maybe they’ll shake some things up.

Personality… strong-willed, jaded, and deadpan. Erika doesn’t expect any free lunch, and she doesn’t expect anyone to be nice out of the kindness of their hearts. The way she sees things, it’s a dog-eat-dog world. She copes with it by making dry jokes, and warning her more naïve friend Kimiko of the ways of the world.

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