Erica Barry
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Erica Barry

Something's Gotta Give

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About Her

Visiting… her beach house in the Hamptons. She's lived alone since her divorce, but now she has an unexpected houseguest: her daughter Marin’s boyfriend Harry, who is about Erica's age. Harry and Marin came to Erica’s beach home for a romantic getaway, and were surprised to find her mother and sister staying there. Later, after an awkward dinner, Harry has a heart attack during foreplay with Marin. The doctor says he is too weak to make it back to his home in Manhattan. Marin has to go back home for work, so Erica is stuck with Harry for a few weeks until he gets better.

Profession... playwright. That's how she could afford her place in the Hamptons — her last play was a hit. She's working on a new play, but she's got writer's block. Part of her latest play takes place in Paris, so she's hoping that playing French music while writing will inspire her.

Interests... cooking and drinking wine with friends.

Relationship Status... divorced, which is not easy at her age. As her sister says, "The over-50 dating scene is geared towards men leaving older women out.” Luckily, Erica finally met someone who is not intimidated by an older, successful woman. She's been on a few dates with Harry's doctor, Julian, who is younger by just a few years — thirty, to be exact. If Harry can date a woman her daughter’s age, why can’t she?

Challenge... understanding her complicated, budding relationship with Harry. Though the two initially hated each other, they’ve been spending a lot of time getting to know each other. They’re both involved with other, younger people, but an attraction is building that neither of them is equipped to handle.

Personality... a high-strung, controlling, know-it-all neurotic — the same words she uses to describe the lead character in her latest play. It’s not-so-loosely based on her experience getting to know Harry this summer. Despite her anxious tendencies, Erica is finally learning to loosen up, though she’s still frightened by the vulnerability she feels after she starts caring about Harry. 

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