Eric Forman

Eric Forman

    That '70s Show
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in Point Place, Wis., as the youngest child in the Forman family. Eric is not exactly the son that his military veteran father always dreamt of: he’s small, unathletic and weak. As a result, Eric is prone to making mistakes that ignite his father’s temper.

Living… the high life in the 1970s. Eric likes to smoke weed in his basement and hang out with his friends. Perhaps as a result, he’s lazy and unambitious: “Why get out of bed when you can read about people who got outta bed?”

Profession… high school student and server at Fatso Burger. Eric’s parents don’t want him to waste his energy in a dead-end job when he should be paying attention to his studies. But despite his parents’ disapproval, Eric is “happy to be a part of the Fatso Burger family.”

Interests… Star Wars. Eric considers himself Luke Skywalker’s protégé. His collection of Star Wars figurines and memorabilia are legendary.

Relationship Status… single, but interested in the girl next door, Donna Pincoitti. Eric believes his chances with Donna to be hopeless due to his lack of height and physical weakness, but with a little advice from his parents he may be able to win her over. “I had a nice discussion with Red and Kitty about foreplay,” he once told his friend Hyde.

Challenge… growing up. Eric faces all of the problems of a middle class American teenager: acne, embarrassing parents and difficulty buying beer. He’s in the awkward in-between phase in his life. In his words, “It’s like we’re too old to trick-or-treat and too young to die.”

Personality… sarcastic, witty, and kind. Eric is the centerpiece of his friendship group. He’s always willing to support his friends in whatever they do, even though they often set him up to be the butt of their jokes.


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