Eric Foreman
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Eric Foreman

House M.D.

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About Him

Living... in New Jersey, alone. It’s nothing extravagant – Foreman is still a relatively new doctor with school loans to pay so he isn’t yet overly well-off – but he has come a long way from a misspent youth in which he robbed homes and stole cars.

Profession... doctor, and member of the Diagnostic Medicine Department at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Dr. Foreman is a neurologist handpicked to be a part of a special diagnostics team by the eccentric and difficult Dr. Gregory House. Foreman (which is what most everyone calls him) has proven on many occasions to be a valuable part of the team. 

Interests... work. Foreman's main goal in life is to advance at the hospital. He works incredibly hard and is extremely confident in what he does. He hopes that he will eventually be promoted and climb further up the hierarchy in the field he is so passionate about. 

Relationship Status... dating Dr. Hadley, known as “Thirteen” at the hospital. They have a good relationship for a while. But when Foreman becomes her superior, this puts further strains on a bond that was already starting to show cracks.   

Challenge... managinghis relationship with House. Although he is reluctant to admit it, Foreman shares several qualities with House, who happens to be the source of almost everyone's discontent at the hospital. Foreman often argues with House, criticizing his unorthodox methods, once telling him, "We're talking ethical and legal violations that should make even you fearful. Just because she's dying doesn't mean we should all go to jail to save her." But, he also does respect House and values his expertise, which only adds to his inner conflict.

Personality... intelligent, hard-working, and proud – which can veer into pretentiousness. Foreman has no qualms with being completely honest with patients and colleagues. But at the same time, he does show a good deal of empathy with his work, such as when he says, "I hate that I can listen to a kid screaming in pain and not even question whether I'm doing the right thing." Foreman is a talented doctor who should go far, but sometimes he needs to be less hard-headed and utterly convinced he’s right. A little like House, actually.

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