Eric Effiong

Eric Effiong

    Sex Education
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in a religious and strict Ghanian family.

Living... in the British countryside and is Otis's partner-in-crime.

Profession... gay student at Moordale Secondary School. Eric is bullied for his sexuality and resides at the bottom of the social totem pole alongside Otis.

Interests... attractive boys, Otis and Maeve's unresolved romantic situation, makeup, and fashion.

Relationship Status... single until he truly blossoms and gets into a love triangle which includes his old bully and Adam, the headmaster's son. In an unplanned incident, Eric and Adam end up hooking up. From then on, it's unclear what they exactly mean to each other.

Challenge... coming to terms with the homophobia he'll have to face as a gay man. Dressed in drag and on his way home from a movie, Eric is assaulted and robbed by homophic men. This incident shakes Eric, and he struggles with processing the violent situation.

Personality... funny, loud, and a ray of sunshine. Eric is upbeat, adding humor and wit to any situation.


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