The Art of Racing in the Rain

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Grew Up… as a dog in Denny Swift’s apartment in Seattle. The man picked Enzo from a farm in Washington where the puppy was born, and Enzo has lived with him ever since. Denny is Enzo’s only master, and they share everything, especially Denny’s love of racing and his love for his family.

Living… in Seattle in the house Denny bought for his family. While they aren’t rich because Denny had to contend with unfortunate circumstances for years, they would be content to just be together. 

Profession… pet and guardian of the Swift family. Deeply loyal to the Swifts, Enzo is ever the faithful companion to Denny and the watchful protector of Denny’s daughter, Zoe.

Interests… watching racing on TV, listening to Denny talk about driving a racecar, learning from shows on TV, and observing humanity. He’s also quite interested in being reincarnated as a human.

Relationship Status… single. Enamored with humans, Enzo tends to suppress his doggy instincts. On top of that, he is too busy supporting his master and thinking to have time to find love. 

Challenge… getting Denny to understand a dog’s will when he can’t speak like a human. Enzo’s an old dog, and while he loves his family very much, he feels ready to pass on. He would never forget his family if he had a choice, and, in fact, he tries to carve his memories deep into his soul so that he will remember when he is reincarnated as a human. All that’s left is the Master Plan to convince Denny to let him die.

Personality… philosophical, loyal, and self-sacrificing. Enzo has a theory that man’s closest relative is the dog, not the monkey, and his mantra, learned from Denny, is “that which we manifest is before us.” Enzo believes in the Mongolian legend that dogs who are “prepared” will be reincarnated as humans, which is why he seeks death. Yet his loyalty to his master prevents him from dying without his master’s consent. Everything he does is for Denny’s sake.

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