Enrico Rizzo
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Enrico Rizzo

Midnight Cowboy

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About Him

Grew Up… not seeing his Dad much. His Dad spent 14 hours a day down in the subway shining shoes, which never paid much. He would only get two or three dollars a day. He ended up dying from breathing in the fumes all day. They had to bury him with gloves on because the undertaker couldn’t clean out the shoe polish that was stuck under his nails.

Living… in a condemned building in the Bronx with an X on the window. There's no electricity, but who needs it when you've got candles?

Visiting… Florida soon – at least, that’s his plan. He is trying to save up enough money to leave by the winter since he has no heat. And he hopes he will feel better there too. He heard that sunshine and coconut milk do wonders for the body.            

Profession… unemployed. He blames his situation on his bad limp that he was born with. He says that people just don't want to hire a crippled guy like him.

Interests… spending time with Joe, a hustler he met in a bar. Joe just moved to New York from Texas, so Ratso is showing him the ropes. He’s trying to convince Joe to go to Florida with him. As he says to Joe, “Miami Beach, that's where you could score. Anybody can score there, even you. In New York, no rich lady with any class at all buys that cowboy crap anymore. They're laughin' at you on the street.”

Challenge… trying not to feel crummy. He has been laid up with a bad cold. He's been coughing non-stop. Even though Joe said he'd pay for him to see a doctor, he's not going. As he says, "Doctors are like auto mechanics. Fix one-thing, unplug another. Operate for piles and while they're there, they unscrew your liver."            

Personality… cynical. And who can blame him? He hasn’t had the easiest life.

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