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Art School Confidential

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Overview… an uppity and pretentious art student. Eno is obsessed with the “process” of image making, rather than with the images themselves. He is just another Strathmore Institute art student hanging onto the (very) slim chance of making it as a successful artist. His particular specialty is the esoteric art-speak so common in American art schools. He’s a lot better at talking about his work rather than making it, such as: “The conscious rejection of special dynamics can only come from an intimacy with the conventions of picture making.”

Personality… politically correct, self-consciously “intellectual,” and incredibly annoying. Eno can come up with the most pompous and bombastic language to describe the most childlike and amateur splattering of paint. He’ll never forgo an opportunity to pontificate: “Let’s face it, the history of art is largely about the implementation of masculinity…”

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