Axis Powers Hetalia

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview... a gentleman, a former pirate, and a formerly dominant empire who retains his imperial pride. As the personification of England, Arthur Kirkland is all these things and more. Technically the representation of the United Kingdom (though it's unwise to mention that to his brothers), he has a long and glorious history – and a lot of enemies to go with it. Currently, however, the greater good of Europe means that England is putting aside former grudges in order to defeat the Axis Powers, but that doesn't mean old tensions don't linger.

Personality... dignified and polite, until he's not. England may try to cultivate the image of a well-bred gentleman, but his history as a naval power means he has both the temper and mouth of a seasoned sailor. Generally, he limits his disapproval to caustic sarcasm. But certain nations – like France or one particularly ungrateful former colony (i.e. America) – are capable of pushing the sharp-tempered nation to frothing, indignant anger.


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