Emmet Ray
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Emmet Ray

Sweet and Lowdown

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About Him

Living… a bohemian life in 1930’s Chicago. Emmet, despite his self-proclaimed status as “the best guitar player that maybe ever lived,” has earned a bad reputation as a gambler, boozer and womanizer. When he’s not playing music, he’s usually on the run from whomever he owes money to.

Profession… professional musician (and part-time pimp). Emmet claims to be “underpaid” for his talents, so he has to resort to his “stable of girls” for a little extra income: “I don’t like that word… pimp. I was a manager.”

Interests… watching trains go by, shooting rats at the dump, playing pool and bedding women. On his days off, Emmet likes to take his .45 down to the local dump and pick off slimy little rats. His coordination skills are never really aided by his intoxication.

Relationship Status… single. In his words, “I enjoy the company of women. I love women. It’s just… I don’t need ‘em. That’s the way it is when you’re a true artist.” His relationship with the mute (and sweet) Hattie is, as he says, “very one-sided.”

Challenge… getting in touch with his feelings. Emmet knows that the only way to improve his guitar playing is to let his emotions out, but he seems more comfortable hiding his sadness behind a haze of whiskey and women.

Personality… narcissistic, self-important, and volatile. Emmet is untrustworthy and vain. He can’t help but constantly brag about himself. He might be a talented musician, but he’s probably not as good as he thinks he is.

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