Blue is the Warmest Color
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in France. Emma knew from somewhat an early age that she was also interested in women in addition to men. However, over time she came to the realization that she preferred the company of women sexually. Emma's family has always been accepting of whomever she considers close in her life.

Living… in an industrial town in northern France.

Profession… artist. Emma has gone to school for art, and she's very gifted at it. In addition to be a skilled artist, she's also very well read.

Interests… philosophy. Emma has learned to stick up for her own values by studying the philosopher Jean Paul Sartre. By reading his works, she has been inspired to passionately enjoy life according to her own standards.

Relationship Status… involved with a high school girl named Adele. Emma was in a relationship with another woman when she first met Adele at a lesbian bar. Adele and she immediately shared a deep attraction that neither could deny. Before too long, Emma’s other girlfriend was history, and Emma and Adele were an item. The tension between the two of them is intense.

Challenge… dealing with the differences between her and Adele. The passion and sexual chemistry between them is incredible, but outside the bedroom they are facing issues. Adele, who had never been with a woman, is still closeted and unwilling to date Emma publicly. And their different family backgrounds are also straining their relationship. Adele’s family is much more conservative than her very intellectual and liberal family.  

Personality… funny, bubbly, and relaxed, but at at the same time the life of the party. And just like her blue hair would personify, she's unique, with a magnetic personality.


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