Emma Peel
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Emma Peel

The Avengers (TV Show)

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About Her

Living… in London. Emma is a certifiable scientific genius with a doctorate, and an expert at martial arts.

Profession… top-secret Ministry agent and scientist. Emma is accused of sabotaging the Prospero project – a secret government scientific project aimed at controlling the world’s weather. After being declared innocent, Emma is paired up with the straight-laced, efficient, umbrella-wielding John Steed to uncover the real saboteur.

Interests… finding the true villain. They eventually become focused on Sir August de Wynter, who immediately becomes infatuated with her. He drugs her and clones her. Stalker, much?

Relationship Status… single. But she might be interested in her partner, John Steed. The two constantly share lively banter, and at one point almost kiss. While John plays things more by the book, she's more prone to break rules. Perhaps the dangerous mission will bring them together.

Challenge… stopping de Wynter and dealing with her evil clone. The formidable de Wynter is plotting to dictate the world's weather for a profit, essentially blackmailing countries to pay up lest they be swamped by natural calamities. Toss in a second, evil version of Emma running around, and she has her hands full.

Personality… fearless, witty, and likes to break the rules. A thrill-seeker, she once toys with cutting the wire necessary to stop a world catastrophe. She taunts, “Was it red or black? Here goes, eeny, meeny, miney…"

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