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Emily Thorne


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Living... in her childhood home in the Hamptons. She hasn’t lived there since she was little, when she and her father used to vacation there during the summers. When her father was framed for a crime he didn’t commit, Emily’s fairytale life fell apart. Living in this house again brings back painful memories for her, especially with her enemies, the Grayson family, living right next door. 

Profession... philanthropist and socialite. Like many fabulously rich girls, Emily dedicates her time to charitable causes and being charming at brunches and parties. But what the residents of the Hamptons don’t know is that this is all a façade. Emily Thorne is just an assumed identity and her real “profession” is full-time revenge seeker. Her father was framed by the Grayson family and their associates, and now Emily is back in the Hamptons to destroy those who wronged her father.

Interests...  getting revenge. “Obsessed” doesn’t fully describe Emily’s commitment to bringing down the Graysons. Her other interests – philanthropy, looking beautiful, etc. – are all just fronts Emily uses to secure her cover as a wealthy socialite.

Relationship Status... it’s complicated. Just because a girl wants to get revenge doesn’t mean she wants to live a romance-free life. Against her will, Emily still might have lingering feelings for Jack Porter, her childhood crush who has grown up to be super hot. But since Emily is living under an alias, Jack doesn’t know that she’s the girl from his childhood. And then there is Daniel Grayson, the prodigal son of the Grayson family who might also be Emily’s key to finding the Grayson family’s secrets.

Challenge... manipulating and bringing down the corrupted schemers who destroyed her family while at the same time maintaining her cover as Emily Thorne. No one can know her true identity or else her plans will be ruined.

Personality... calculated and brilliant, with a deeply repressed soft side. Emily can read people very well and thus knows how to manipulate them easily. Behind her sweet façade, she is usually ruthless and cold. But despite her desire to remain apathetic and untouchable, she can’t help but feel for the innocents caught in the spider web of deceit in the Hamptons.

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