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Emily Taylor

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Living… in New York City, trying to keep up with the fast pace. Emily was used to a less stressful, more opulent life in Greenwich, Connecticut – but then her husband was sent to prison.

Profession… graphics and marketing. Emily works in a small but trendy office where her boss makes sure to be friendly and accommodating.

Interests… not much of anything. Emily moved to New York to study art, but got caught up in trying to make ends meet and has abandoned her sketching. She struggles to find things to occupy her outside of her job.

Relationship Status… married to broker Martin Taylor, who has just finished serving a four year prison sentence for insider trading. The separation has definitely changed them, though Emily visited regularly during the incarceration and Martin is determined to rebuild their life together.

Challenge… getting her emotions under control. Emily struggles with feelings that she doesn’t quite understand, related to the drastic changes that have occurred in her life. As she puts it: “Imagine everything you ever wanted shows up one day and calls itself your life. And then just when you start to believe in it - gone. And suddenly it gets very hard to imagine a future.” Emily is having a hard time finding a reason to keep on living.

Personality… quiet and gloomy. Emily grapples with bouts of severe depression that draw her away from the people around her. Already a fairly shy and apathetic person, her husband’s imprisonment caused her to become even more reclusive and difficult to communicate with. Prone to over-analysis, Emily works herself into depressions by relentlessly dwelling on her past. She is so evidently troubled that people tend to treat her gently, but their efforts to help her often prove fruitless.

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