Emerson Cod
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Emerson Cod

Pushing Daisies

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About Him

Grew up… with his mother, who worked as a private investigator. Spending time with his mother allowed Emerson to get into the business himself at a very young age.

Living… practically in his office. Emerson is often working or chasing down criminals. But when he’s off duty, you can probably find him visiting his friend Ned at his restaurant, The Pie Hole.

Profession… private investigator. Emerson solves crimes and mysteries in exchange for the big payouts. He’s mostly content just catching the criminals for the reward, so he can spend his time, as he puts it, “counting my money in the bubble bath.” But he also believes in justice.

Interests… knitting and pop-up books. Although he would not admit it, he loves to knit and often finds joy in making pop-up books in his spare time.

Relationship Status… single. Emerson isn’t the most romantic guy and doesn’t really seem interested in anyone in particular.

Challenge… getting to the bottom of murder mysteries. Emerson recently recruited Ned to help him solve the murder of Charlotte “Chuck” Charles, Ned’s late childhood friend. Using Ned’s supernatural powers to bring her back from the dead, the two hope to uncover the mystery behind her killer in order to collect and split the handsome $50,000 reward.

Personality… perceptive, sarcastic, and blunt. Emerson isn’t afraid of letting people know the brutally honest truth, due to his highly observant nature. He catches things most people don’t – which aids him in his work as a private investigator. But that doesn’t stop him from making a pessimistic or cynical comment about others around him or the world in general. He likes to think that he’s making the world a little better, though.

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