Elsa Mars

Elsa Mars

    American Horror Story

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in Germany as a part-time prostitute and part-time dominatrix. A traumatic filming event left her permanently scarred and famous for being hurt, but that wasn’t the fame she wanted. She gradually made a community of outcasts, in places where they would be most vulnerable, hospitals or jails, even at an orphanage. She was adored by them because she took care of them in a way they had never seen before. Her care for this community made her even more famous. And that was her plan all along.

Living… with a secret. Elsa has a secret about her identity that came from being left scarred all those years ago. But she wants to be known for more than that.

Profession… managing a freak show. Elsa always carries a purse with the show’s logo, and she is proud of the stars in her show. But Elsa can’t help but feel threatened by the singing talents of another member of the show. And there’s an even bigger challenge: the world seems to be moving on from its fixation on them.

Interests… fame, singing, and fashion. Elsa often wears ornate, silky, and slinky robes. While she is usually the best dressed in a room, her fashion truly stands out while she’s performing, where she puts extra care into wearing the most eye-catching costume of the show.

Relationship status… single. Elsa has had many admirers, and every once in a while, she will entertain them—even falling in love. But her bad habits prevent her relationships from being sustainable.

Challenge… wanting to be loved. As Elsa says, “Eight years ago my best friend made me a birthday cake. That night when she and I sat over my candle my birthday wish was plain and simple. I just wanted to be loved. Little did I know that every step that I would take since then would be one step further away from making that wish come true.”

Personality… secretive, cut-throat, and greedy. But she can’t hide how much she cares about the members of the freak show. She has a motherly attachment to them that surpasses her desires for everything else.


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