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About Him

Grew Up… on the bank of the Mississippi River in Arkansas with his parents. Ellis splits his time between helping his Dad and exploring the river’s backwaters with his friend, Nick.

Living… in his mother’s houseboat with his parents, who constantly bicker and have begun to talk about separating. While Ellis is only 14 years old, everything in his life seems to be changing.

Profession… student and “river rat.” Ellis has recently obtained a new responsibility – aiding Mud, a fugitive he recently found while exploring the backwaters near his home.

Interests… girls, mostly. To keep his mind off of his parent’s marital troubles, Ellis has found himself increasingly preoccupied with the opposite sex. It’s a romantic streak that is further fuelled by Mud’s tale of unshakeable love.

Relationship Status… single, although he is obsessed with obtaining a girlfriend. There is a particular senior, named May Pearl, who has caught his eye. But just about everyone seems to think that she is out of Ellis’ league.

Challenge… helping Mud reunite with the love of his life, Juniper, so that the two can escape to Mexico. Mud, however, is currently wanted for murdering Juniper’s former lover – who almost killed a pregnant Juniper, ultimately leading to the unborn child’s death. Unable to venture into town, Mud relies on Ellis to bring him supplies and ferry messages from Juniper. While initially fun, Ellis’ adventure takes a dangerous turn once bounty hunters and the police get closer to finding Mud.

Personality… serious, capable, and idealistic. Ellis is, for the most part, a remarkably level-headed teenager. He’s much tougher and reliable than the average teen, and handles situations with his father’s deadpan, pragmatic attitude. Ellis, however, remains a hopeless romantic at heart – he believes in storybook love, even when faced with his parent’s marital misery.

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