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Ellis Lacey


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Grew Up... with her meek mother and her nurturing older sister in a small Irish town. Sometimes it seems like nothing ever happens there and nothing ever will. So Ellis’ sister Rose arranges for her to move to America where she can start a better life.

Living... nervously, in 1950s Brooklyn. Ellis makes the long, arduous journey across the Atlantic to start a new life in America. But while a kindly priest helps her find a room and a job, Ellis is still overwhelmed by her new life. She’s regularly struck by bouts of homesickness and a fear that she’ll never fit in.

Visiting... her old home. When a family emergency strikes, Ellis sails back to Ireland and finds her old life far more appealing than she remembers it being.

Profession... department store clerk. The job was arranged for her as part of her American immigration, but in her anxious state Ellis doesn’t exactly excel at customer service. Hoping to secure her future, she begins taking bookkeeping classes at night.

Interests... dancing, visiting the beach, and going to the movies.  

Relationship Status... single, for now. Ellis is an eligible young lady and it doesn’t take long for someone to notice her. She makes an instant connection with a humble young Italian man named Tony Fiorello. As Ellis puts it in a letter home, “Tony has helped me to feel that I have a life here I didn’t have before I met him.”

Challenge... figuring out where she belongs. Though initially overwhelmed by her new life, Ellis slowly begins to love America. As she grows more comfortable in Brooklyn, she gains a sense of inner confidence. But a simple Irish life has its own appeals too. With two clear paths in front of her, Ellis must decide where she wants to settle down.    

Personality... quiet, shy, responsible, and dignified. Ellis keeps most of her emotions inside, preferring to present a well-mannered face to the world. But while she tends to take things seriously, she also has a fun, flirty side that comes out when she’s feeling comfortable.

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