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E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

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Living... in the San Fernando Valley. His parents are separating, so it's pretty tense at their house. His mom doesn't have a lot of time for Elliott now. From Elliot’s perspective, his older brother Michael and younger sister Gertie get more attention, and he does not know why. Michael only cares about getting his driver’s license, and Gertie can be a little twerp.

Profession... student. Elliot is usually a great student but he recently refused to dissect the frogs in a biology class. Instead, some of the other kids and him set the frogs free.

Interests... spending time with his new best friend, an alien he found in the shed called E.T. Elliott is teaching him how to talk, and E.T. has already learned a few simple words.

Relationship Status... just beginning. He just had his first kiss with a girl in his class. But Elliot is not sure about dating, and she might be too tall for him anyways.

Challenge.... keeping E.T. At first, he thought E.T. would be happy with him, and that they would grow up together. But, E.T. needs to go home, and has been trying to contact his people.

Personality... a wimp, according to other kids. One of Michael's friends even called him a “cintus suprimus.” Even though Elliot doesn’t yet realize, he is actually very brave. Just wait and see.

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