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Grew up… in a wealthy, yet troubled, family. Her mother was an alcoholic, her father was a workaholic, and both had expectations that Elliot found difficult to live up to. In her words, “So every male in my family is a doctor: My dad, my grand-dad and my brother. I guess that’s why dad gave me a guy’s name…made me play sports…date girls. I’m joking.

Living… at full speed. Elliot’s hyperactivity has generally helped her career as a doctor, but has hindered her social skills. She’s constantly talking too much and speaking her mind, which often gets her into trouble.

Profession… medical intern at Sacred Heart teaching hospital. As she put it, “I probably ended up in medicine because I wanted to take care of the whole world. But here is the crazy thing about being a doctor: you can’t even take care of a single patient unless you learn how to take care of yourself first.”

Relationship Status… single. Elliot and her co-worker J.D. have a sexually charged relationship. They both know that they’re perfect for each other, but they can’t seem to make it work. Elliot has always had a thing for doctors: “My dad’s a doctor and I remember how excited I was the first time I saw him work in the hospital. I mean, I didn’t want to sleep with him, but there were definitely some complicated feelings… But that’s totally normal for an 11-year-old, right? Anyway, yeah… I forget.”

Challenge… curbing her motor-mouth. Elliot is one of the brightest young interns at Sacred Heart. She has all of the brilliance and ability she needs to become an excellent resident. All she needs to learn is how to keep her mouth closed every now and then, as she’s prone to insulting both her patients and superiors.

Personality… quirky, loud-mouthed and awkward. Elliot’s beauty can be intimidating, but she’s full of odd quirks that bring her back down to earth. Tip: Don’t catch her in the middle of one of her “inspirational” stories; it’ll probably put you to sleep.

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