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Elliot Mantle

Dead Ringers

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About Him

Living... in Toronto, with his twin brother Beverly. They're absolutely identical— at least on the outside— in every respect, save for a few millimeters in height.

Profession... gynecologist. Beverly is also a gynecologist, and together they own their own practice called the Mantle Clinic. It's a fairly successful business, recently even recognized as one of the top clinics in the country.

Interests... taking Percodan. Heck, he's going to have some more, “Just because it's Saturday.” Elliot also has a life-long interest in the female anatomy, which is why he became a gynecologist in the first place. He says, “I've often thought that there should be beauty contests for the insides of bodies.”

Relationship Status... single. He and his brother share everything, including their women. Elliot has always been better with the ladies. So when he finds a woman he likes, he dates her for a bit. But when he’s bored, he passes her on to his brother. No one can tell, after all.

Challenge... figuring out what to do with Claire. She’s a new client, a celebrity with a rare condition that they both find fascinating. Usually, Elliot’s the one to pick up girls, but Beverley has decided that he’s in love with her, and doesn’t want to share. That’s not how things work between them.

Personality... very different from his brother. Beverly's the sweet one, while Elliot is more outgoing, aggressive, and all-around socially successful. But beneath his confidence, Elliot is just as dependent on his brother as Beverly is on him.

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