Elliot Alderson

Elliot Alderson

    Mr. Robot
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... a twitchy, paranoid life in New York City. He wears a grey hoodie to blend in, deflecting attention that would be paid to him if anyone found out that he is working tirelessly to electronically delete all debt in America.

Profession... cybersecurity engineer at Allsafe by day, anarchic vigilante hacker by night. Allsafe’s new client is E Corp, a giant corporation that Elliot calls Evil Corp. He’s in a unique position to take down E Corp after he’s recruited by a shady group of hackers called fsociety. They’re led by a mysterious hacker named Mr. Robot who may have a connection to Elliot’s past.

Interests… using his hacking skills to stop injustice. And not just through his work with fsociety – he uses his spare time hacking and taking down a local coffee shop owner with a large collection of child pornography.

Relationship Status...  single, though he has a casual relationship with his drug dealer Shayla. She sells him morphine and molly, and the two of them often wake up in bed together the next morning. But she’s also involved with Vera, her supplier, a tough and violent criminal.  

Challenge... stopping Evil Corp without ruining his cover. Also, fighting morphine withdrawal. Also, Vera’s not so happy he’s spending time with Shayla. He’s got a lot of challenges. But he’ll tell you that’s just life in the 21st century: a series of problems you solve with prescription drugs and consumer products, feeding more money into the pockets of the old white men who cause those very problems.                                                                                                  

Personality... paranoid, anxious, angry, delusional, depressed, and intelligent. No one else in fsociety can hack like Elliot, but the battles being waged in his head often get in the way of his work. He avoids eye contact and the touch of even close friends. Elliot goes to mandatory counseling, but he doesn’t take it very seriously; he worries that going on medication could numb him and make him just like everyone else, sleepwalking through their days and doing nothing to fight back against Evil Corp.


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