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Ellie Miller


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Living… in the quiet British seaside town of Broadchurch. Ellie lives with her family and even has a young nephew in town, Olly, who works for the paper.

Profession… Detective Sergeant of the C.I.D at Broadchurch Police Station. Ellie just returned from leave to work for a special investigation and is less than enthused to find out that her case has been taken over by the new Detective Inspector, Alec Hardy, who is apparently “more experienced.”

Interests… her community. Broadchurch is a tight-knit area, and everyone looks out for each other. The town thrives on tourism for its beaches, which unfortunately has become a murder crime scene.

Relationship Status… married to Joe Miller. Together they have two children, Tom and Fred Miller.

Challenge… getting to the bottom of a young boy’s murder. There was a murder recently in Broadchurch – young Danny Latimer snuck out of his house one night and never returned. The Latimer family lives across the road from the Millers, and Danny was Ellie’s son’s best friend. She has a personal stake in this investigation, but she’s going to have to learn to work with interloper Alec Hardy.

Personality… compassionate and strong-willed. Despite getting passed over for her promotion, Ellie is caring and devoted to her work. She invests a lot of her time in her relationships and the entire town around her. Though she’s very good at her job, she’s not afraid to show her emotions in the moment.

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