Ellen Ripley

Ellen Ripley

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in the moon-based American space colony, Olympia. Ellen proved herself as capable and coolheaded from a young age, and graduated with an engineering degree from the New York Aeronautics University.

Living… aboard the space freighter Nostromo. Ellen’s latest job has taken her to the edge of the universe and she’s spent most of the time cryogenically frozen.

Profession… warrant officer for the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Ellen travels with cargo ships through space, ensuring that no disasters occur and that everything goes smoothly.

Relationship Status… single with a daughter. Ripley violated Weyland-Yutani regulations by bringing a natural pregnancy to term, and is now looking to take an indefinite leave when she gets home so she can spend time with her daughter. Ripley doesn’t talk about the child’s father.

Challenge… surviving. The monotony of drifting through space is interrupted when the Nostromo receives a distress signal from a nearby planet, prompting the crew to land and search for survivors. While on the surface one of their crew is attacked by a strange alien organism that latches onto his face. Ripley and her crew find themselves trapped onboard a drifting ship with a deadly and unknown alien life form. Their supplies aren’t meant to sustain a conscious crew, and so they’re left with limited time to hunt down and kill the hostile intruder before their air reserves run out and they asphyxiate alone at the edge of space.

Personality… brave, firm, and responsible. Ripley possesses the rare gift of asserting her authority while still remaining friendly. She only opens her mouth when she has something important to say, and while she’s patient and willing to listen to other's arguments she is also almost always right. Ripley doesn’t delight in taking risks, but is willing to do whatever it takes to survive and keeps her head in dangerous situations.


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