Ellen Griswold
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Ellen Griswold


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Overview... a mother of two along for the ride on the worst vacation of all time. Her husband Clark began their drive westward from Chicago with noble intentions, but by the time they reach California, he’s become an obsessive lunatic hell-bent on fun. Luckily for both Clark and the Griswold children, Ellen is endlessly tolerant. 

Personality... calm, agreeable, patient. Ellen is a planner – making sure the lights and stove are turned off and the newspaper delivery is paused and the doors are locked and the police are notified before they leave. Unfortunately no one in their right mind could anticipate the series of disasters that Clark leads the Griswold family through on the trip. But don’t think of Ellen as a wet blanket. She’s up for fun as much as anyone, joining Clark for a late-night skinny-dip at the hotel pool while the kids are asleep. At least they’re asleep until their parents’ shouts wake them up along with the rest of the hotel.

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