Elle Reid
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Elle Reid


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Overview... a bohemian poet in mourning. Elle’s been adrift since the death of her long-term partner Violet. But she finds a new purpose when her teenage granddaughter Sage shows up on her front door asking for money to pay for her abortion. Since Elle recently depleted her bank account and cut up her credit cards, the two women set out on a journey to raise the money Sage needs.    

Personality...  tough, provocative, and far more vulnerable than she appears. Elle defines herself by the feisty, feminist, devil-may-care attitude that first made her a noted poet. But that flippancy is a mask for the deeper feelings of loneliness and insecurity that have gripped her since Violet’s death. So while Elle pretends to be cool and emotionless while breaking up with her new girlfriend Olivia, she’s actually far more devastated than she lets on. 

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