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Grew Up... in a cage. Although beloved by her father, Columbia’s founder Zachary Comstock, Elizabeth’s mother believed she was a bastard child and had her shut away in a tower for the first 19 years of her life. Her only companion was her hulking mechanical Songbird guardian.

Living... in Columbia. Elizabeth lives in Columbia, a mysterious floating city founded by the zealous Comstock. The society worships the American founding fathers and their ideas with a near-religious fervor, and will expel anyone that they fear will taint their “pure” race.

Profession... Lamb of Columbia. As Comstock’s heir, Elizabeth’s forced destiny is to become Columbia’s next prophet and lead it in exterminating the “Sodom below,” which means wiping out the surface world.

Interests... exploring her powers. Elizabeth is gifted with an unexplainable ability to manipulate tears in dimensional space. She can transport objects and shift between alternate realities. As she describes these new universes, “They are all different, yet similar. Constants, and variables.” But she is still learning how to control her full potential.

Relationship Status... single. Elizabeth was locked away and isolated for her entire life. She does have a connection to Songbird, her mechanical guardian. But after the mercenary Booker rescues her, she finally has an actual friend. Though Booker has issues of his own.

Challenge... reaching freedom. Elizabeth wants to escape her fate in Columbia and go to somewhere like Paris. However, with all of Columbia hunting down her and Booker, they’ll have to fight their way to freedom. Fortunately, Elizabeth’s strange powers are quite useful in battle.       

Personality... free-spirited. Elizabeth has always yearned to be free and enjoys life outside Columbia with Booker. However, she also expresses deep sadness about the pain, violence, and class disparity she witnesses for the first time in Columbia.

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