Elizabeth Swann

Elizabeth Swann

    Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… the daughter of a governor. Elizabeth was taught all the rules and regulations of “high culture.” Forced to wear a corset and drink tea with her pinky fully extended, Elizabeth grew rebellious. She became fascinated with pirates when she discovered a young Will Turner, who wore a medallion around his neck with the symbol of pirates. 

Living… in Port Royal, Jamaica. Elizabeth is bored out of her mind by the daily rituals of high society. When she shuns her father’s showering of gifts, he simply replies, “Does a father need an occasion to dote upon his daughter?” She’s desperate to go on an adventure, and doesn’t seem to mind that much that she has to get kidnapped to do so.

Profession… socialite. She doesn’t work per se, but her adherence to her father’s and society’s assigned role for her feels like harder work than that of a blacksmith. Her formal attire and cultured mannerisms are her professional tools, and she wishes she could have it any other way.

Interests… adventure. But she might be about to get even more than she asked for.

Relationship Status… in love with Will Turner for years. Sadly, Will is still just a polite boy who won’t dare ask for her hand in marriage. He has no noble ancestry, and Elizabeth’s father would never approve of the marriage.

Challenge… surviving her adventure. She is kidnapped by a crew of ghost pirates, aboard the cursed Black Pearl. If someone – namely Will Turner – doesn’t come to her rescue soon, she may meet a quick and tragic doom.

Personality… tomboyish, as much as she’s forced into the guise of a Lady. She’d much rather get into a sword fight or be swept up into a romance with a wild adventurer. Elizabeth is the perfect mix between good manners and scathing sass. She is a force to be reckoned with.


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