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Elizabeth Shaw


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Grew Up… with her father in South Africa after her mother died. A dedicated missionary, Elizabeth’s father died before she was a young adult, leaving her an orphan.

Living… in the year 2089. An archaeologist, Elizabeth has lived all over the world, visiting different countries in her investigation into ancient indicators of alien life.

Visiting… the distant moon LV-223. Elizabeth’s research has led her to believe that the aliens who created human life had a base on LV-223 and left humans a map to it. She managed to secure funding for an interstellar expedition from the powerful Weyland Corporation.

Profession… archaeologist, although Elizabeth struggles with more existential questions than her colleagues. Instead of dating artifacts and stocking museums, Elizabeth has dedicated herself to discovering the origin of human life – which she believes was caused by extraterrestrial forces.

Interests… religion, philosophy, and archaeology. The daughter of a Christian missionary, she tries not to waste her time in frivolous pursuits, but instead dedicates herself to answering life’s most enduring and puzzling questions.

Relationship status… romantically involved with her fellow archaeologist, Charlie Holloway. The pair is athletic, intelligent, and passionate – their relationship would be perfect if Elizabeth wasn’t haunted by her inability to have children. Her infertility is a sensitive subject. She’s afraid to commit to Charlie when she knows that she’ll never be able to give him a family.

Challenge… surviving the expedition to LV-223. Upon their arrival, they discover a massive set of ruins – the former base of “The Engineers.” As they delve deeper into the alien ruins, they inadvertently unleash an ancient and lethal biological weapon. Stuck at the edge of space and unable to call for help, Elizabeth must survive threats that humanity has never encountered. And this is all while navigating the complicated network of Weyland’s ulterior motives that caused them to fund the doomed expedition in the first place.

Personality… strong-willed, gentle, and intelligent. Elizabeth Shaw’s impressive abilities will be tested as she struggles to survive the dangers of LV-223. An analytical thinker, Elizabeth is usually able to keep a cool head and think at things rationally – although nothing seems to make sense since they came to the edge of space. Deeply moral and guided by religious faith, Elizabeth is struggling to understand why these horrible things are happening to her.

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