Elizabeth McGraw
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Elizabeth McGraw

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Living… alone since her divorce. Elizabeth lives in Manhattan with over a million people, but she kept on running into the same man. She first noticed him at a grocery story in Chinatown, and then they were both at a flea market in Greenwich Village. They exchanged glances but didn’t speak to each other. After she decided against buying an expensive scarf at the market, he came up to her with a present – wrapping the scarf around her neck. She and John have been together ever since.  

Profession… an assistant in a trendy SoHo art gallery.

Relationship Status… dating John, who works as a trader for the New York Stock Exchange. They have an undeniable sexual chemistry. It started out with just blindfolds, and now it has gotten much farther into sadomasochism. Elizabeth never thought she’d be into something like that, but she’s caught up in the whirlwind and craves more stimulation. John’s a mystery to her. She says, "I can't figure this guy out. You know, sometimes it's so easy. I mean, it might be the tie they wear, or the books they read, or don't read. But you know…what will end it. So you just file it away and you wait. And that sort of makes it bearable. But with this guy, maybe it's true love."

Challenge… feeling uncomfortable about some of the things John is asking her to do. Their relationship has been escalating, and it might go too far. If Elizabeth wants to stay the same woman she was, she will need to draw the line somewhere. But can she give up the intense excitement and sexuality that she’s experienced with John?

Personality… smart. She's a strong woman who has a sense of dignity too. But she’s also clearly starved for excitement, and the relationship might be enough to destabilize her ordinary sense of herself.

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