Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson

    American Horror Story

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… on the West Coast. Elizabeth eventually fell in love with both an actor, Valentino, and his wife. The throuple would be separated, emotionally tarnishing Elizabeth and leaving her unable to love anyone in a caring way. Soon after this, she’d find herself marrying an admirer of hers, James Patrick March, but only for his money. The marriage did not cut off her love for Valentino, something that would cause issues between her and James. 

Living… in Los Angeles at the Hotel Cortez, which she admires for the character that it has. She is 112 years young, and she is constantly indulging her desires for romance, drugs, and blood. To be fair, she is a vampire. 

Profession… owner of the Hotel Cortez. Elizabeth is knowledgeable when it comes to designers and artists, as she takes great pride in her appearance and that of the hotel. She does have darker interests, the most humane of which are date nights where she attends movie screenings at a cemetery.

Interests… fashion and jewlery. She will never be seen in anything that is not impeccably chosen, and she enjoys having sparkling diamonds on her skin. 

Relationship Status… forever cycling through lovers. The most recent is Tristan, but Donovan was first and Ramona was even earlier. Elizabeth finds a way to make sure they never forget about her, and if they do try to move on, she ensures that it won’t be easy. As Elizabeth says, it is better to love and lost than not to have loved at all: “It isn’t who you kill or who you screw. It’s the heartbreaks. The bigger, the better.”

Challenge… running out of money. There might not be enough to support her needs, much less a hotel. Elizabeth is also constantly tortured by her inability to love and be loved. Always looking for the next partner that will bring excitement and fulfillment to her life, she struggles with finding one that is loyal and won’t bore her. 

Personality… stoic, glamorous, vengeful, and seductive. With her platinum blonde hair and blood-red lipstick, she certainly holds the attention of every room she walks into. Most of the people that know her will view her as sadistic and emotionless, but she has her selfless moments.


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